Full-Time Real Estate Associate

A successful career in real estate takes:

• Determination & A Strong Work Ethic – Success in this field is directly related to the amount of time and effort you put into your career.

• Time Commitment – This is a full-time job. Availability for your customers is key to a successful career in real estate. In addition to serving your customers’ immediate needs, activities such as open houses, phone duty, weekly sales meetings, and times spent developing and implementing marketing strategies will help you boost your business.

• Willingness to Learn – There’s so much to learn, and we have so much to offer! We will invest in approximately 50 hours of intensive, customized training for each of our new associates. Long-term growth and dedication is how Kirk & Cobb associates become the best in the business.

• Good Follow-up Skills – Staying in front of your customers and prospects is paramount.

• Organizational Skills – Maintaining documents and data is critical in managing a successful business of any kind.

• Good Listening Skills – Listening to your customers’ needs and desires translates into more closed sales and repeat business and referrals. Furthermore, buying or selling a home is an emotional process. Sometimes your customer’s primary need is to express what is on his/her heart.

• An Outgoing Personality – It is extremely rare for new business to seek you out; therefore, it is up to you to seek out new business. Kirk & Cobb will help you develop creative prospecting skills and guide you down the path of building your business.

• A Solid Financial Foundation or situation allows you the freedom to grow your business.

If you feel like real estate is a good match for you, please call Janelle at 272-5555 or email your resume to join@kirkandcobb.com. We’ll walk you through the licensure process.