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Seller’s Resource Center

1. Contact a REALTOR®

The first step in selling your home is contacting a REALTOR®. If you needed a root canal, would consider doing it yourself? Selling a home is no different. Just like a dentist is trained in the particulars of dental work, a REALTOR® has the expertise in pricing, advertising, and preparing your home for the market. You’ll find that the fee you pay your listing REALTOR® will be just as worthwhile as the payment made to your dentist. They are both experts in their field, and they can both make the experience much less painful than if you attempt it yourself.

2. Set an asking price

One of the first things a REALTOR® will do is perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) on your home. A Kirk & Cobb REALTOR® will tour your property and collect data and note special considerations. The REALTOR® will then research similar properties that have recently sold in your area. Based on the research, any additional considerations and the current market conditions, the REALTOR® will determine a realistic asking price. He/she will also make recommendations that will help sell your home faster and for the highest price.
(During this time, you will need to know the balance you currently owe on your existing mortgage and in what price range you need to be looking in order to make selling your home worthwhile. How much do you need from the sale of this house in order for you to move into the price range you are interested in? There are many things to consider at this time. Your REALTOR® can help you through the process.)

3. Establish a plan

Once an asking price has been established, your REALTOR® will sit down with you and establish a marketing plan. This plan will include recommendations on how to reach prime showing condition (i.e., removing clutter, fixing the fence, etc.). The plan will be the framework for getting your home sold in as little time as possible and for the highest price possible. A good plan may include a timeline of open houses, media campaigns, and (if necessary) strategic price reductions.

4. Prepare your home for the market

There are several factors that contribute to selling your home quickly and at the right price. Your REALTOR® will advise you on the specific things your particular situation requires. In the mean time, click here for a basic to-do list.

5. Receive an offer

Once your home has been on the market, you will start receiving offers from potential buyers. Sometimes, you may receive several offers before agreeing on a price and other elements like repairs and dates, etc. On the contrary, you may receive a single offer that satisfies all your needs on the first try. Once you accept an offer, you will sign a contract with the buyer(s) and you will proceed with the closing process. Our transaction center will handle the title work, will coordinate appointments with you and will keep all necessary parties up-to-date.

6. Prepare to leave

As your closing and possession dates approach, you will need to make arrangements for the actual move itself. You will need to coordinate scheduling based on your closing date for your existing home and wherever you are moving to. You will need to make arrangements regarding your utilities and services (shutting off or transferring).

7. Close the deal

Prior to closing, your REALTOR® will have you sign a number of documents transferring ownership to the buyer(s) which will be conveyed to the Transaction Center for delivery at closing. Closing generally takes place at the title company or the buyer’s lender. If the transfer of possession is scheduled at the time of closing, keys and garage door openers, etc., will be delivered as well.