This is a fluid situation. This page will be updated as needed.

• The doors to the office are now locked to the public; however, essential staff remains inside if you need immediate attention from a safer 6-foot distance.

• The mail slot on the south end of the building may be used day or night to drop off items. Please write important information like relevant address and recipient’s name on the item using a note or envelope.

• All essential business activities are continuing. New listings are being added; closings are still occurring.

• We’ve also added notifications to showing agents asking them to confirm that, to their knowledge, they do not have COVID-19, when scheduling a showing.

• Overlapping showings are being discouraged so agents may show homes without concern that another agent will be there, in line with recommendations to practice social distancing.

• Please do not visit the office or tour a property if you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or any other cold or flu-like symptoms or if you have been exposed to anyone who is symptomatic or might pose a risk to homeowners, realtors, etc.

• Ride-sharing has been eliminated. Realtors will meet customers at properties and at the office, etc.

• In-person weekly sales meetings have been postponed indefinitely.

• Agents are encouraged to work from home as much as possible but the office is not restricted at this point.

• Please maintain a 6-foot distance from other individuals. While it’s hard to break habits, avoid shaking hands with anyone.

• Customers and guests will remain on the north side of the office, using the lobby, customer restroom, and the conference rooms.

• Rags and bottles of disinfectant have been placed in each common-use area such as computer stations, copier station, conference rooms, etc. Disinfectant sprays (i.e., Lysol) have been placed in each restroom to use on handles and knobs. Each person should wipe down surfaces they touched when finished using them. Rags will be laundered and restocked regularly.

• Office staff will disinfect all high-use items/areas at regular intervals during the hours of 10-3. These include things like light switches, knobs, faucet handles, buttons, screens, office supplies (pens, scissors, staplers, etc.)

• Guest chairs and pens in customer areas will be disinfected after each use.

• Magazines have been removed from the lobby.

• Disposable coffee cups will be used rather than reusable mugs.

• If our transaction manager needs to notarize a document, she will witness the signature from a distance before stamping and signing the document.