Spring is Coming


Steve_KirkOur phones are starting to ring more. Buyers are inquiring about listings. Sellers are starting to have us come out to talk about the market value for their homes and what they need to do to maximize their selling price. We are always happy to accommodate because good information makes a big difference in which projects to do and which will not pay a return.

For the last 30 plus years we have been second to none delivering the best results for sellers through wise counseling and intelligent marketing. The old view that you can somehow “sell” the home buyer on why they should buy a home seldom works in today’s market of informed consumers.

Please call us at 272-5555 and allow us to help you.

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Licensure Process

There are several steps involved in obtaining your real estate license from the Kansas Real Estate Commission. We’ve made it easier to follow with this flow chart.

Click to enlarge.


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How REALTORS® Get Paid

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Training Schedule

The state licensure process does a great job of teaching real estate law. That’s its purpose. But it’s up to each individual broker to teach his/her sales team how to be successful. The Kirk & Cobb training program is one of the many things on which we pride ourselves. Our training will help you build on skills to achieve the highest standards in business practices.  Kirk & Cobb’s 67-year-old reputation is at stake so it’s important to us that our REALTORS® are trained the right way.

Our next training course will begin with orientation on November 3rd.* There will typically be a 9-11 AM session and a 1-3 PM session each day, Monday through Friday. The course will end on November 21st.

Topics include:
• City tour
• Working with Buyers
• Building Blocks of Success
• REALTOR® Safety
• Phone Technique & Open Houses
• MLS Searches
• What I Wish I Had Known
• Marketing Yourself
• Financing
• Local lenders (multiple sessions)
• Contracts (multiple sessions)
• Working with Sellers
• Comparative Market Analysis/Setting the Price
• The Listing Interview
• Negotiating
• Local appraiser
• Apps, Sites, & Social Media
• Contact Management
• Home Warranties
• Local Title Company
• Marketing a Property

This is a brief summary of the topics we’ll cover in order to give our new associates the best start possible for achieving long-term success.

If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of becoming a REALTOR® with Kirk & Cobb, call Liesel or Janelle at 272-5555.

*Dates are tentative


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Licensure Process


There are several steps involved in obtaining your real estate license from the Kansas Real Estate Commission. We’ve made it easier to follow with this flow chart.

Click to enlarge.

flowchart_2015_july_Layout 1

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Real Estate Success


Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a great REALTOR®? A successful career in real estate requires:

• Determination & A Strong Work Ethic – Success in this field is directly related to the amount of time and effort you put into your career. Self-motivation and discipline is a must.

• Time Commitment – This is a full-time job. Availability for your customers is key to a successful career in real estate. In addition to serving your customers’ immediate needs, activities such as open houses, phone duty, weekly sales meetings, and times spent developing and implementing marketing strategies will help you boost your business.

• Willingness to Learn – There’s so much to learn, and we have so much to offer! We will invest in approximately 50 hours of intensive, customized training for each of our new associates. Long-term growth and dedication is how Kirk &Cobb associates become the best in the business.

• Good Follow-up Skills – Staying in front of your customers and pros pects is paramount.

• Organizational Skills – Maintaining documents and data is critical in managing a successful business of any kind.

• Good Listening Skills – Listening to your customers’ needs and desires translates into more closed sales and repeat business and referrals. Furthermore, buying or selling a home is an emotional process. Sometimes your customer’s primary need is to express what is on his/her heart.

• An Outgoing Personality – It is extremely rare for new business to seek you out; therefore, it is up to you to seek out new business. Kirk & Cobb will help you develop creative prospecting skills and guide you down the path of building your business.

• A Solid Financial Foundation or situation allows you the freedom to grow your business.

If you feel like real estate is a good match for you, please call Janelle or Liesel at 272-5555 or email your resume to join@kirkandcobb.com. We’ll walk you through the licensure process.


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Season of Change

The leaves are changing, and while it seems it’s a time to go dormant it really is part of the renewal cycle. As part of our own renewal cycle, Kirk & Cobb is very excited to announce a fall training session for 2014!

We are currently meeting with prospective REALTORs® and experienced REALTORs® who are considering a change. And each day this week on our blog, Facebook page, & other social media sites, we will share information that will give you a little more insight on becoming a licensed REALTOR® with Kirk & Cobb. Look for our flow chart on getting started, our training calendar, and how sales associates are paid.

Call Janelle or Liesel for more information about how to get started. 272-5555


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A New Level of Appreciation


I absolutely love my job as office manager at Kirk & Cobb! I get to wear many hats, all of them fun yet full of purpose. The thing is, most of those hats are meant for indoor use. Like many of you, I spend a lot of time working from my computer. But due to several factors earlier this week, I had the rare chance to attend a closing along with one of our buyers. What a fantastic way to spend an hour! Our customers really are amazing people. And so are our affiliate closing officers, lenders, etc.

During the delightful conversation I had with this particular buyer, I got to experience firsthand what I always hear our associates saying… Buying a home is huge. It is a true honor to be a part of such an exciting accomplishment in someone’s life! What an experience to see the excitement on someone’s face and hear it in their voice as they discuss their plans for their new home. And to hear details of the journey that got them to that point… It was fantastic!

I hope I have the opportunity to attend more closings in the future. I have a new appreciation for our customers, too. Honestly, I have always been appreciative of our customers because they ensure I receive a paycheck. But I now have a whole new level of appreciation. Thank you, Kirk & Cobb customers, for choosing us to be a part of such a significant milestone in your lives. We are honored. And we are so genuinely happy for you.


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A Faster KirkandCobb.com!

Over the course of the last year, we have literally doubled (OK, more than doubled) the amount of web traffic through KirkandCobb.com. In fact, it has almost tripled since 2011! Toward the end of March, the web traffic finally overwhelmed the host server. Unfortunately, we didn’t recognize the problem before us until April 2 at which point, the necessary parties sprung into action and immediately developed a plan to move the site to a larger, faster server. That was yesterday. TODAY, many of us are starting to experience a faster, smoother home search and general site navigation. If your experience is still slower than molasses, please hang in there while the DNS propagation finishes up. (That’s technical lingo for “telling the internet where to find KirkandCobb.com.”) Thanks, Topeka, for giving us this problem! We think it’s a good problem to have.

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First time homebuyer bond program

Finally! Just what you’ve been waiting for: a first time homebuyer bond program with up to 4% assistance with down payment and closing costs. This will serve our market in multiple ways. Please call one of our REALTORS® for more details. Spring is coming. Really!

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