THANKFUL, truly thankful for the support of our customers over the last 65 years. When my dad arrived back from the front lines of France and Germany after World War II, I am sure he had no idea that his hard work and belief in professionalism (ethical practice including dotting all the i’s and t’s) would lead to a 3-generation family business that has always tried to stay true to Bob Kirk’s beliefs.

From our families to yours, we hope this is your best Thanksgiving ever and hope that you will find the time to do some small thing for someone who could really use a little help.


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Thanks, Topeka

We just completed our best month for home sales in a year.

If you have been driving around town, I’m sure you have noticed more sold signs. With more and mores experts finally signing on to “now is a great time to buy,” the turning point appears to be upon us. Yesterday, the latest Gallup Poll confirmed that Americans also agree, with 70% saying that they believe “this is a good time to buy a home.”

Please call us today and let us help you find your dream home. We would love to help you.


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A New Day Dawning…

Can you feel the change in the air with the positive reports from around the country? The stock market is up, in fact the NASDAQ is at its highest level in 11 years, and unemployent in down to the lowest percentage in 3 years. Housing markets are believed to have bottomed and appear to be starting to move up in many markets throughout the country.

As a nation, our innovation, our technology, our universities, our medical know-how, and our productivity are all the best in the world. If others want to constantly concentrate on the negatives then let them. For the rest of us let’s get going. It’s time to act, time to buy, time to invest, and time to move! At Kirk & Cobb we say let’s MOVE IT!

Won’t you please join us?

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night… Sound familiar? It kind of sums up so many people’s view of the way things are these days. I hate that so many people feel that way because it is self perpetuating. People who have money don’t want to spend it and, of course, there are many who don’t have it to spend. I would love to see us believe in ourselves and our future enough to start investing in it. How about it? Go out and spend a little or better yet, attend an open house this weekend and take advantage of great home prices and record-low mortgage rates (lower even than for veterans returning from World War II). Treat yourself. You’ve earned it. All the best…

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Do you ever wonder how we’ve let ourselves become so dependent on technology? The 2 year process of developing our website has made me feel really stupid! Fortunately, thanks to the great people I work with, we still manage to know how to help folks like you buy and sell homes; that we’re pretty good at (although there is always room for improvement.) 🙂
Thanks for dropping by our website. Please join us often for late breaking real estate news, pointers on staging, market updates, or of course searching for that dream home. We hope that along the way you will discover that we are truly local, very experienced, and I think you will find that we have the best Realtors and staff, anywhere.
We’re still MOVIN’ IT after all these years.
Steve Kirk

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